Online Banking Enhancements

We know that online services, particularly Online Banking, have become critical tools for managing your money; therefore, we're always working to make sure that our online services are as reliable and feature-filled as possible. With that said, we're proud to annouce the latest enhancements to Online Banking.

iPay Biz

Today, small business owners want it all. That means true control of your finances, total convenience on your schedule, and customization to do things your way. You get it all when you check into iPay Biz from Paragon Bank. Find out more!

Pay Someone by Email

Out to dinner and forgot your wallet? No cash to pay the baby sitter? Person to Person Payments allows you to send money to an individual using just an e-mail address. Show me how!

Bank-to-Bank Transfer

Using up a lunch break to get cash between Paragon and your other bank can be a hassle. Now you can transfer those funds without even starting your car, and the best part is it won't cost you a dime! By using ACH technology, Online Banking can get funds between Paragon and another bank overnight. No more missed lunches. No more crazy traffic. May your stomach and insurance company rejoice! Show me how!

A New Level of Security

Long gone are the days of the simple Username-Password protection from online fraud. However, Paragon is dedicated to combating online fraud by offering extra security measures that help to keep your bank information safe. While our current security measures exceed the regulatory standard, we feel that all of our customers deserve the best security possible. We are proud to offer this easy-to-use method of advanced security that leaves your bank information safe and at your fingertips. Find out more!

The MyParagon Experience

The MyParagon feature provides a one-stop shop for all of your account information. This feature briefly highlights useful information such as balances, latest transactions, alerts, and much more. Find out more!

Offline Mode

Online technology is getting better every day, but scheduled maintenance and connectivity issues are inevitable. To combat this, we've added an Offline Mode feature to Online Banking to make sure you always have access to your accounts. Show me more!

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